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Andrea Bocelli

His voice is a conductor between the imperfections of the surrounding reality and the immaculate spiritual beauty that unfolds like flowers with dawn rays when music begins to sound. Andrea Bochelli is a truly outstanding contemporary performer, a man marked by inimitable talent, a singer who turned the Italian language into an intuitively understandable to everyone whose heart was at least once in the grip of all-consuming love.

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short biography

Andrea Bocelli was born in a small Italian commune in the province of Pisa in 1958, September 22. As a child, he began studying music, from 6 years old he learned to play the piano, then - on saxophone and flute. At the age of 14, the boy won his first music contest where he performed the famous song "O Sole Mio". However, the creative realization in the family was treated rather as a hobby than as a business of all life and a serious profession.

At the insistence of his parents, Andrea entered the University of Pisa, the faculty of jurisprudence. As a student, Bocelli worked in night bars as a guest musician and performer. Earned money went to pay for their studies. After graduation, the graduate received a diploma, and with it the opportunity to work as a public defender. However, successful law practice was not the ultimate dream for a future celebrity. Andrea did not leave attempts to realize himself in art: he took vocal lessons from opera singer Franco Corelli.

In 1992, a significant event happened in the singer's musical career. Bocelli met the Italian popular artist Adelmo Fornaciari, known under the creative pseudonym Zucchero. It was he who asked Andrea to record a demo version of the song "Miserere", which later became a real discovery in the world of opera and popular music. Bocelli's voice made an indelible impression on Luciano Pavarotti.

The debut album was recorded in 1994, the disc was called "Il mare calmo della sera" and made the name of a native of Tuscany famous throughout Europe. A year later, Bocelli recorded a cult song that glorified the singer all over the world, talking about the legendary composition "Con te partiro". The English version was created in conjunction with the British actress and singer, the owner of the recognizable soprano Sarah Brightman, "Time to Say Goodbye" instantly became a world hit. In 1997 the compilation "Romanza" was released, in which the best Bocelli songs from previous albums were presented. "Romanza" sold 15 million copies, the voice of the unsurpassed maestro sounded in all parts of the world, and the world already then reverently applauded the tenor, able to touch people's hearts with a charming sound.

In 1998, Bochelli made his debut on the operatic stage. The event took place in the theater Comunale in the Italian town of Cagliari. The singer participated in the production "Bohemians" by Giacomo Puccini, played the role of the main character Rudolfo. Later, from 2000 to 2016, Bocelli released 13 albums with opera arias ("Manon Lesko"," Turandot ","Aida"- only some of the names of the plates, which have become a long-awaited event for the true connoisseurs of the classics).


In 1999, Bocelli released the album "Sogno", which included a duet with a Canadian singer Celine Dion "Prayer". The record was a huge commercial success. A year earlier, Andrea demonstrated impeccable mastery by recording an album entirely consisting of classical opera arias ("Aria: The Opera Album"). This work has been widely recognized not only among fans of operetta and opera, but also in the circles of connoisseurs of the popular genre, which once again confirmed the versatility and versatility of the talent of the Italian singer.

In 2002, the work on the album "Sentimento" was completed. A distinctive feature of the recording of songs was the musical accompaniment of the famous London Symphony Orchestra. After 4 years, the album "Amore" appeared, its release was timed to the holiday of All Lovers, the disc contained the recording of Elvis Presley's song "Can't Help Falling in Love" in a new, original version. A duet with Cristina Aguilera ("It's Impossible") entered the same collection. By Catholic Christmas 2006, Bocelli gave his fans another gift: the album "My Christmas", which "absorbed" the best holiday songs in English, German, French and, of course, Italian. The collection became one of the best-selling in Europe at that time, its original decoration was the touching song "God Bless Us Everyone". In 2013, another album was recorded with soulful ballads about love and a title corresponding to the lyrical content - "Passione". Nelly Furtado and Jennifer Lopez took part in the record.

From the beginning of the 2000s to the present, Andrea Bocelli has been actively touring, recording new albums, acting as an author and co-author of biographical works. In the period from 2002 to 2011, 5 books in the genre of memoirs were published (series "The music of silence"). Autumn 2018 was marked by the appearance of the single "Fall On Me". The composition was recorded with the youngest son of the singer, Matteo, and later became part of the album "Si", which was completed in October 2018.

Interesting Facts

  • Bocelli was sure of his own mission from the earliest years. Even in his childhood, he said that music would help him cope with any life adversity, and this turned out to be the truth, Andrea found healing in music. He knew that he would sing, the only thing in which there was no notorious confidence was the question of how successful he would be as a performer. However, time left no doubt. At the present time, the financial condition of the singer is estimated to be at least £ 30 million.
  • In childhood, Andrea was diagnosed with a congenital eye disease, glaucoma. The mother of the future star even advised to terminate the pregnancy, having notified in advance that the child would have serious health problems. However, the boy was not completely blind until he was 12 years old. Bocelli lost his sight as a result of a head injury sustained during a game of football and provoking a hemorrhage.
  • Andrea has a younger brother, Alberto. He and his mother continue to live in the family estate in the village of La Sterza, which is 40 km from Pisa.
  • Sometimes critics have expressed the opinion that the compositions performed by Bocelli turn out to be too “light” to correspond to a serious operatic genre. However, the singer himself refuses to position himself as an exclusively classical performer. He deliberately delves into the popular genre in order to expand his audience, although he admits that the opera was and remains his first, and therefore the most real love.

  • Hobbies Bocelli - horse riding. In addition, he is a passionate fan, not missing a chance to support his favorite football club Inter Milan. With his sporting preferences, Andrea decided in his student years and since then has never changed his favorite.
  • Despite the huge number of public appearances, Andrea Bocelli could not cope with a sense of fear and some kind of trepidation before the concert. He admits that every step on the stage is a challenge for him. It is the need to share something intimate, intimate, that is hidden deep down and becomes the property of the public through his voice.
  • Bocelli bows to Immanuel Kant. He considers this German philosopher to be the greatest thinker in the world who "professed" sacred truth: man is never a means, but a goal.
  • Despite the fact that Bocelli worked in the legal field for a whole year, he is convinced that he could have achieved success in this field. The need to compete and prove their competitiveness is in his blood.
  • The great tenor has a special, original attitude to music. According to the singer, the society is fed up with a variety of sound. Perceiving music as a medicine, a unique tool that can heal and give relief, Bocelli is convinced that the glut in a short time eliminates the positive impact, people will lose the ability to penetrate and feel the melodies in their true beauty.
  • In April 2000, his father died at Bocelli. The tragic news caught the singer on the eve of his performance before Pope John Paul II in Rome. Andrea fulfilled his obligations by succumbing to his mother’s urgent persuasion, and only then he immediately returned to the funeral.
  • Bocelli is extremely attached to his home in Tuscany. For him, traveling to different cities and continents is a necessary necessity, not a conscious desire, which many aspire to fulfill; only in Italy does a singer feel true peace, tranquility and harmony.
  • In 1998, People magazine included Andrea Bocelli in the list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. However, the singer himself is rather restrained about the image that has arisen in him, due to the active creative activity. Once he confessed that he would prefer to be considered an intellectual rather than a macho man.
  • The appearance of a daughter, Andrea considers something of a blessing. When Veronica was still pregnant, the happy father had already performed songs intended for one listener - the baby in the womb.

  • The Bocelli family owns its own wine production. The drink, made from grapes grown on the singer's farm, is sold under the brand name Bocelli Family. The wine shows excellent quality and is popular with connoisseurs.
  • In 2015, the singer's dream came true - he recorded the studio album "Cinema", where the soundtracks from his favorite films were collected, including the films "Breakfast by Tiffany" ("Moon river") and "Scent of a Woman" ("Por uno cabeza ") The album also includes tracks recorded together with world pop stars such as Ariana Grande and Nicole Scherzinger.
  • Bocelli and Pavarotti were linked by real strong male friendship, despite the fact that patronage took place in their relationship. At the dawn of Andrea’s musical career, the famous Italian opera singer provided him with substantial support and included guest performers to perform at the annual charity concert "Pavarotti International", held in the city of Modena.

Best songs

"Con te partiro"- the composition was first performed at a festival in the resort town of San Remo in 1995. The released single of the same name was a huge success in Europe and for a long time headed the charts in France and Belgium.

"Con Te Partiro" (listen)

"Vivo per lei"- the text of the song was translated into several languages, including German and French, Bocelli sang" I Live for Her "with famous singers such as Helen Segara, Judy Weiss, Lara FabianMartha Sanchez.

"Vivo per Lei" (listen)

"The prayer"- soulful duet with Celine Dion. The recording, created in 1998, collected the most sublime epithets from critics who literally came to the delight. It was noted that the song, although not quite fit into the format of the radio broadcast, strikes with its touching, special grace and even “crawls.” The song served as a soundtrack to the cartoon “Magic Sword: Salvation of Camelot”, released on screens in the same year.

"The Prayer" (listen)

Personal life

In the summer of 1992, Andrea Bocelli married Enrika Chenzatti, a woman whom he met while working at a music bar. After 2.5 years the firstborn appeared in the family, the boy was named Amos. In the autumn of 1997, Matteo was born. In 2002, Andrea divorced his wife, the reason was the frequent separation associated with the singer's busy tour schedule.

Soon Bocelli met Veronica Bertie, who later became his personal impresario. In March 2012, the couple had a daughter Virginia. The wedding of Andrea and Veronica took place in 2014, the groom at that time was 55 years old, and the bride - 30.

Awards and prizes

In 1999 and 2000, Bocelli was awarded the Grammy Award for victories in the nominations "Best Male Vocal Performance in the Genre of Popular Music" (composition "Sogno") and "Best Duet" ("The Prayer"). There are also 7 prestigious World Music Awards and 6 Classical BRITS Awards statuettes, one of which was awarded in the category “For Outstanding Contribution to Music”. In 2006, the talented singer became a knight of the Order of Merit for the Italian Republic.

The performer is the owner of his own star on the Alla of Glory in the area of ​​the global dream factory, in Hollywood. The ceremonial joining the elite of the world show business took place in early March 2010.

Andrea Bocelli never hid the fact that he is a true Catholic. He calls singing a peculiar form of prayer, which makes it possible to turn to God together with the hearers, to experience sincere, pure, pacifying joy. His songs are always a dialogue of two hearts, open to the understanding that faith and love follow hand in hand along the path leading to immortality.

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