Resolution of Increased and Decreased Triad

Not every triad requires permission. For example, if we are dealing with chords of tonic triad, then where is he to be resolved? It is a tonic anyway. If you take a subdominant triad, then it does not aspire to resolution by itself, but rather, on the contrary, willingly moves away from the tonic as far as possible.

Playing the chords on the piano

Article for those who learn to play chords on the piano to the songs. Surely you come across such songbooks, where guitar chords with their tablature, that is, transcripts that let you know which string and where to press it to make one or another chord, are attached to the text. The manual, which is in front of you, is something like such tablature, only in relation to keyboard instruments.

Charlie Put: interesting facts, best songs, biography, listen

Charlie Put This young man from an ordinary family was lucky to know his purpose in life as a child. Either fate was favorable, or mothers deepest passion for music gave results, it is difficult to answer unequivocally. Charlie Putu was helped by talent and self-confidence. His work conquered the Internet in order to take the leading positions in the world music charts.

Megan Traynor: interesting facts, best songs, biography, listen

Megan Traynor Megan Traynor - which epithets will be able to describe it adequately? Bright, extraordinary, bold, funny and insanely talented. She burst into the world of pop scenes like a hurricane, stirring the public and critics. One clip "All About That Bass" she earned the recognition of millions of fans and opposed themselves not less than haters.

La Campanella. Performances

Kings and beggars Songs and dances of kings and beggars performed by the ensemble of ancient music "La Campanella" The music, as in a mirror, reflects the life and work of famous rulers - Thibault Champagne, Henry VIII, Anna of Brittany and Prince of Orange, Karl XII of Sweden, Louis XIV - and their simple contemporaries.

Jazz quintet "Edelweiss"

Angelika Markova (vocal) - Winner of the international jazz competition, participant of jazz festivals (Arkhangelsk, Samara, etc.), graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesinyh. Lecturer of the RATI-GITIS (Estrada faculty, courses Garkalina V., Schukina A., Borisova M., Shanina E., Vasilyeva Y.) Permanent soloist of the group "Edelweiss".