Bachata - the most sensual Latin American dance

Bachata - the most sensual Latin American dance

Through thorns to the stars - literally, you can describe the history of bachata, which fascinates you with tender and passionate choreography. Once this dance was banned in the highest circles. But the world is changing, like everything around. And now it's hard to imagine a Latino party without a bachata. She is danced by everyone who lives with real and sincere feelings.

What is bachata? Features of dance choreography

Bachata - one of the simplest choreography Latin American dance. Its basis is a very close finding of partners in relation to each other during the execution of figures. This is the main feature of the style - sensual romanticism. At the same time, all movements are very smooth, undulating, the bodies of dancers often touch each other, which gives the dance even more exciting moments.

What is more attractive this genre?

  • Flexibility and plasticity of bodies, which is impossible not to notice, watching professional dancers.

  • The presence of complete harmony and understanding between partners. Otherwise, the bachata loses its uniqueness.

  • Leading the pair is a man. The woman follows him, accompanying each movement with a smooth rotation of the hips.

  • The dance is not without improvisation, which makes it even more exciting and exciting.

The story of the dance of the poor

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic around the 60s of the XX century. First came the music, the sentimental melodies of which predetermined the sensual movements of the dance. But dancing and performing bachatu in the Dominican Republic was considered a bad form. The style was firmly associated with the poor of rural provinces - not a single person from the middle and higher strata of society dared to become like the poor.

In 1961, from the rural provinces, bachata falls into the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. At that time, the direction was actively developing, attracting the attention of an increasing number of musicians. It was they who, inspired by the mood of the new genre, began to distribute it throughout the republic. In addition, political conditions were very favorable for this.

The fact is that until 1961, the Dominican Republic lived under the dictatorship of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. His regime was distinguished not only by its rigidity, but also by the monopolization of many spheres of public life. The music industry did not stand aside either: it was almost impossible to break into the stage and reach any heights on this simpler line. Especially not what the poor musicians could count on.

The death of Trujillo opens the door to fame for many musicians. Among the first performers of bachata is José Manuel Calderon. All the same in 1961, he writes "Borracho de amor" - the first single, performed in the style of bachata. The guitar is soloed in the composition, without which it is difficult to imagine this musical style and the dance itself.

The appearance of bachata in the capital of the country did not mean a huge surge of interest and excitement around the style. “Poverty of the past” pursued the direction of the word plume. Besides, initially it was difficult to call the genre original - the compositions of the early bachat were rehearsals of the bolero and waltzes. Perhaps this influenced the fact that the lyrics were devoid of jargon characteristic of the poor areas of the Dominican Republic.


Bachata-bolero is one of the sub-styles of this direction. It is replaced by bachata cabaret. The name speaks for itself: music began to perform in various cabarets. It should be clarified that the cabarets in the Dominican Republic were brothels. Former village musicians flocked here, who came to the capital in search of fame and fortune. In fact, they had nowhere to go: in Santo Domingo, they "chose" the poorest areas where all human vices flourished. Add to this the desire of local music producers to popularize merengue and salsa in order to understand the characteristics of the development of bachata in those times.

“Garbage music” - this is how they began to be called bachata, predetermining the attitude towards it among the Dominicans. And the genre, in turn, absorbed everything that was happening around. Lyrics filled with suffering from unrequited love, betrayal, poverty and hopelessness.

Despite the negative shade, Bachata cabaret began to stand out in a separate genre. She let talk about what other musical styles were silent. And the musicians used it: do not hesitate in expressions, they sang about everything that surrounded them.

Modern bachata: from cabaret to international recognition

40 years it took this direction to appear before the public in the form in which it is known now. Around the beginning of the 80s, bachata acquired an increasingly dancing character. At the same time, the style is very popular due to ambiguous texts that were filled with sexual context.

Feeling the needs of the public, the musicians write more simple and dance music. This is how the modern bachata begins to emerge. One of the first compositions written in the new traditions was "Consejo a las mujeres" performed by Blas Durān, who preferred to electric guitar over a regular guitar.

The 80s are becoming time for bachaty to get rid of all the cliches and stereotypes. In the late 90s, the style acquired the status of a romantic genre. Social frontiers are beginning to blur completely between its connoisseurs: fans of the direction are now among the middle class population. The dance of the poor has become a dance of happy people who can talk about their feelings and experiences in body language.

Nowadays, bachata is very popular among fans of Latin American dance culture. This is a very versatile dance, which is impossible not to fall in love. Just a few seconds to look at the sensual movements of the dancers, to feel the sparks of passion between them and remain captive to this style.

Interesting Facts

  • Initially, informal parties were called bachatas, where they had fun with guitar music. Later, the term began to denote a certain musical style and wore a negative color.

  • The guitar is the main instrument that accompanies the bachata dance. But not everyone knows that before the advent of this genre, the guitar has always been associated with alcohol and a lecherous lifestyle. This left a mark on the style that has been criticized.

  • Bachata festivals are held around the world, including Russia.

  • Fans of bachats admit: this dance is much more interesting to dance than watch its performance.

  • Another name for the style is bitterness music. This is due to the difficult past of the dance, filled with stories about the heavy proportion of Dominicans.

  • Clothing for bachaty should comply with the only principle - convenience. Short shorts, T-shirts, skirts, non-chilling movements - all this is suitable for performing one of the most sensual dances.

The best compositions in the rhythm of bachata

"Ella Y Yo" performed by the New York band Aventura and Puerto Rican singer Don Omar. With the advent of this boyband, they are connecting a new round in the development of bachats. Members of the group who are of Dominican origin, managed to give this direction a new sound. They filled it with modern rhythms of hip-hop and R & B, which was the reason for the popularity of Aventura. What about the song? It is created for the performance of bachaty, with its sensuality and sexuality. The melodic voice of the vocalist deserves special attention. It exactly matches the mood of the dance.

"Ella Y Yo" (listen)

"Dime Por Qué"released by the Bachata heightz. This song combines gentle female and male vocals, beautiful melody and a beautiful love story. For the performance of bachats, you can take almost any song of this ensemble. The main thing - to surrender to the rhythm and dance at your pleasure.

"Dime Por Qué" (listen)

"Propuesta Indecente" belongs to the work of the American singer Romeo Santos, who, by the way, was in the past a participant in Aventura. As a solo artist, the young man turned out to be equally popular. What is remembered this composition? Literally to everyone: from the sensual voice of Romeo to the exhilarating playing of the guitar.

"Propuesta Indecente" (listen)

"Darte un Beso" - the composition of another American artist, Prince Royce (Prince Royce). This talented singer captured the minds of girls and fans of bachata with pleasant melodies and beautiful vocals. The song "Darte un Beso" was written in 2013, and the next one brought the Prince the award "The Best Composition of the Year" according to the jury of the "Latin Grammy". And most importantly - under this track you want to make smooth movements, filled with passion and flirtation.

"Darte un Beso" (listen)

"Te Extraño" - a song without which it is difficult to imagine the repertoire of bachaty performers. This is a very touching, melodic and beautiful composition that you want to listen endlessly. Her style fans are obliged to the American group Xtreme. It translates "I miss you," and that says it all.

As a musical style, bachata is characterized by a moderate tempo. It is literally filled with romance, tenderness and sensuality. Lyrics invariably associated with a love theme. For these songs, the sound of a guitar, acoustic or bass guitar is mandatory. Also used traditional Latin American instruments - guiro and bongo. All this gives the songs the necessary shade of sexuality, which can be traced in the dance itself.

Bachata is a very beautiful and exciting dance. If you have not seen his performance, we advise you to fix it. And it is better to enjoy this style live, going to the school of Latin American dance.

Watch the video: Cornel and Rithika. Bachata Sensual. Conor Maynard. Elastic Heart. DJ Tronky Remix (January 2020).


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