Writing on a piece of music: an example of a finished composition and advice to students

Most modern parents, whose children attend school, ask themselves the question: why write essays in a music lesson? Let it be an essay on a piece of music! Absolutely fair doubt! After all, 10-15 years ago, a music lesson assumed not only singing, musical notation, but also listening to music (if the teacher had technical capabilities for this).

A modern music lesson is needed not only in order to teach a child the proper singing and knowledge of notes, but also to feel, understand, analyze what is heard. To correctly describe the music, you need to work out a few important points. But more about that later, but first an example of an essay on a piece of music.

Writing 4th grade student

Of all the musical works, the greatest impression in my soul was left by the play by W. Mozart "Rondo in Turkish style".

The work begins immediately at a fast pace, the sound of violins is heard. I imagine two puppies that run from different sides to the same tasty bone.

In the second part of "Rondo" the music becomes more solemn, loud percussion instruments are heard. Some moments are repeated. It looks like puppies, grabbing a bone with their teeth, begin to over-pull it, each to himself.

The final part of the play is very melodic and lyrical. You can hear the piano keys running. And my imaginary puppies stopped quarreling and calmly lay down on the grass, tummies up.

I really liked this work because it, like a little tale, is interesting and unusual.

How to write an essay on a piece of music?

Preparation for writing an essay

  1. Listening to music. You can not write an essay on a piece of music, if you do not listen to it at least 2-3 times.
  2. Thinking heard. After the last sounds have subsided, you need to sit in silence for a bit, fixing in memory all the stages of the work, putting everything "on the shelves."
  3. Be sure to determine the general nature of the musical work.
  4. Planning. In the essay must be an introduction, main part and conclusion. In the introduction you can write about what work was heard, a few words about the composer.
  5. The main part of the essay on the musical work will be completely built on the play itself.
  6. It is very important when making a plan to make notes for yourself, how the music starts, what instruments are heard, a quiet or loud sound, what is heard in the middle, what an ending.
  7. In the last paragraph it is very important to convey your feelings and emotions about what you have heard.

Writing an essay on a piece of music - how many words should there be?

Both in the first and second grades, children talk about music orally. From the third class you can already begin to leave your thoughts on paper. In the 3-4 grade the essay should be from 40 to 60 words. Students in grades 5-6 have a greater vocabulary and can write about 90 words. A great experience of seven and eighth graders will allow to describe the play with the help of 100-120 words.

The writing of a piece of music must be divided into several paragraphs within the meaning. It is advisable not to build too large sentences, so as not to get confused in punctuation marks.

What words to use when writing?

The writing should be as beautiful as the music. Therefore, you should use beautiful words and speech turns, such as: “magical sound”, “dying melody”, “solemn music, sleepy, joyful, smooth”. Some words can be seen in the character tables of the music.

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