When is it better to start learning music?

The musician is one of those professions in which, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to begin training in the very childhood. Almost all famous musicians began their studies for another 5-6 years. The fact is that in early childhood, the child is the most susceptible. He directly absorbs everything like a sponge. In addition, children are more emotional than adults. And because the language of music for them is more intimate and understandable.

It is safe to say that every child who begins to be engaged in early childhood can become a professional. A musical ear can be developed. Of course, in order to become a famous choir soloist, you will need special abilities. But everyone can learn to sing correctly and beautifully.

Getting a musical education is hard work. In order to achieve success, it is necessary to practice for several hours a day. Not every child will have enough patience and perseverance. It's so hard to play at home gamma, while friends call on the street to play football.

Many famous musicians who wrote masterpieces, also with great difficulty comprehend musical science. Here are the stories of some of them.

Niccolo Paganini

This great violinist was born in the family of the poor. His first teacher was his father - Antonio. He was a talented man, but according to history, he did not love his son. One day he heard his son playing the mandolin. A thought flashed through his mind that his child was truly talented. And he decided to make a violinist out of his son. Antonio hoped that in this way they would manage to escape from poverty. Antonio's desire fueled the dream of his wife, who said that she saw her son become a famous violinist. Little Niccollo's training was pretty hard. His father beat his hands, locked him in a closet and deprived him of food until the child was successful in some exercise. Sometimes in a rage he would wake the child up at night and make him play the violin for hours. Despite the brunt of the training, Niccolò did not hate the violin and the music. Apparently because he had some kind of magical gift for music. And it is possible that the teachers Niccolò, D. Servetto and F. Piekko, managed to save the situation, which the father invited a little later, because he realized that he could no longer teach anything to his son.

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