How to make a boat and a boat out of paper: children's crafts

Children from a very early age love to tinker with paper. They cut out of it, fold and so and so. And sometimes they just tear. To make this activity useful and enjoyable, teach your child how to make a boat or a boat.

For you, this is a very simple hand-made article, and for a baby it's a real ship! And if you make a few boats, then - the whole flotilla!

How to make a paper boat?

Take a sheet of landscape format.

Fold it across exactly in the middle.

Mark the center of the fold. Take the sheet by the top corner and bend it from the marked middle diagonally so that the fold lies vertically.

Do the same with the other side. You should have a billet with a sharp top. Bend the free bottom of the sheet on both sides upward.

Take the workpiece from the bottom on both sides in the middle and pull in different directions.

Smooth your hand to get such a square.

Bend the bottom corners on both sides up to the top.

Now hack to pull these angles to the side.

You get a flat boat.

You will only need to straighten it to give it stability.

How to make paper boat?

Sheet album format fold diagonally.

Cut the excess edge to make a square. Connect the other two opposite corners. Expand the sheet.

Connect each corner to the center.

Make sure that the workpiece is not warped.

Turn the sheet. Again, fold it, aligning the corners with the middle.

Your square has become smaller.

Invert the workpiece again and bend the corners as you did the first two times.

You got four small squares with cuts on top.

Spread two opposite squares by gently tucking your finger into the hole and giving it a rectangular shape.

Take the inner corners of two other opposite squares and gently pull in both directions. The two rectangles that you made before will join. The result was a ship.

As you can see, the boat turns out more.

If you want to make a boat of the same size as the boat, then make it out of half of the album sheet.

If you want to do something more complicated, try to make a flower out of paper. And now, in order to deliver the infinite joy to the child, pour warm water into the basin, carefully lower the boat and the boat on its surface, and let the child imagine that he is a real captain!


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