Basic tricks of the guitar

In the previous article, we talked about the methods of sound, that is, about the basic techniques of playing the guitar. Well, now let's take a closer look at the tricks of the game, with which you can decorate your performance.

You should not abuse the decoration techniques, their oversupply in the play most often indicates a lack of taste (unless the style of the performed piece requires it).

It is worth noting that some of the techniques do not require training before playing - they are quite simple even for a novice guitarist. Other techniques will have to rehearse for some time, bring to the most perfect performance.


The simplest technique you probably know about is glissando. It is performed as follows - place your finger on any scale of any string, extract the sound and smoothly slide your finger several ways forward or backward (depending on the direction, the glissando is called ascending and descending).

Please note - in some cases, the last glissando sound should be duplicated (that is, pull the string) if the performance requires it.


Stringed stringed instruments pizzicato - This is a way to extract sound with your fingers. Guitar pizzicato imitates the sound of a violin and finger mode of playing, and therefore is often used in performing classical music.

Place the edge of the right palm on the guitar stand. The flesh of the palm should slightly cover the strings. Leaving your hand in this position, try to play something. The sound should be muted equally on all strings.

Try this technique on the electric guitar. When choosing an effect in the style of heavy metal, pizzicato will help you to control the sound: its volume, sonority and duration of the sound.


Repeated repetition of a tirando sound is called tremolo. On a classic guitar, the tremolo is performed by alternating movements of three fingers. In this case, the thumb performs the support or bass, and the ring-middle-index (in that order) the tremolo.

You can see a wonderful example of a classic guitar tremolo on the example of Schubert's Ave Maria video.

On an electric guitar, a tremolo is performed by a plectrum (pick) in the form of fast up and down movements.


One of the most beautiful tricks of the guitar is flageolet. The sound of a flageolet is a bit deaf and at the same time velvet, stretching, something like the sound of a flute.

The first type of flagelet is called natural. On the guitar, it is performed on the V, VII, XII and XIX frets. Gently touch your finger to the string above the threshold between the V and VI frets. Hear a soft sound? This is flageolet.

There are several secrets to successful reception of the flageolet:

  • do not hold your finger on the string - do not hinder its vibration;
  • if possible, extract sound by taking apojando;
  • In order for the flageolet to turn out bright, move your right hand to the stand and then remove the sound.

Artificial Flageolet more difficult to extract. However, it allows you to extend the audio range of this reception.

Press any fret on any guitar string (let it be the II fret of the 1st string). Count off 12 frets and mark for yourself the place obtained (in our case, this will be the span between the XIV and XV frets). Put the index finger of your right hand in the marked place, and pull the string with your nameless one. That's all - now you know how to play an artificial flageolet.

The following video shows all the magical beauty of the flageo.

Some more tricks of the game

Flamenco style widely used golpe and tambourine.

Golpe is tapping on the deck with the fingers of your right hand as you play. Tambourine is a stroke of the brush on the strings in the area of ​​the stand. Tambourine listens well on electric and bass guitar.

The displacement of the string along the fret up or down is called the bend reception (in common people - the suspender). In this case, the sound should change to the floor or one tone. This technique is almost impossible to perform on kapron strings, it is more effective on an acoustic and electric guitar.

Mastering all the tricks listed in this article is not so difficult. Spending a little time, you will enrich your repertoire, you can add a highlight to it. Your friends will be pleasantly shocked by your performing abilities. But you are not obliged to tell them your secrets - even if no one even guesses about your little secrets in the form of playing the guitar.

Watch the video: 3 sneaky guitar tricks for beginners You will sound AWESOME (December 2019).


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