How to create a music band?

Creating a musical group is a complex and serious process. Let's talk about how to create a musical group, and let's look in detail. So where do you start?

And it all starts with the definition of the concept of the future team. You need to decide on the tasks of the future team by answering yourself some supporting questions. In which genre will our group work? How many team members will be needed to achieve the desired sound? What do we want to say with our music? How can we surprise (what we have in this, which is not the well-known artists in this genre)? I think the direction of thought is clear ...

Why do you need to work out? Yes, because a group without goals will not have any achievements, and when a team does not have the results of its work, it quickly disintegrates. Creating a group of musicians is no longer an experiment, and it is important to decide on the direction of work: either you will promote your own style, or you will write new songs, or you will create a group for customized performances with live music at corporate parties, weddings or just in some cafe. First you need to choose one road, because, moving in all directions at once, you can not come anywhere.

Evaluation of your own strength and the search for professional musicians

Having defined the genre direction, you should evaluate your own skills. Well, if you have experience playing musical instruments - it will simplify communication with team members. By the way, you can search for group members in several ways:

  • Create a band of friends. Not a very effective way. Many friends in the process "burn out", some will remain at their initial musical level, becoming the ballast for the group. And this inevitably threatens the “dismissal” of the musician and, as a rule, the loss of friendship.
  • Post an ad on the city’s music forums or on social networks. It is desirable to clearly describe your vision of the team and the requirements for musicians.

Tip: in one of his books, the leader of the Time Machine, Andrei Makarevich, advises a novice to recruit a group of musicians who are far superior to him in terms of professionalism. Communicating with them, it is easy to quickly learn how to play, sing, arrange, build sound, etc.

How to create a musical group, without having a material base and premises for rehearsals?

The young group needs to find where to rehearse and what to rehearse.

  • Paid way. Now in many cities there are dozens of studios that provide premises and equipment for rehearsals. But all this - for a certain hourly fee.
  • Relatively free way. In his native school there is always a room that can be used for free for rehearsals. How to negotiate with management? Offer them candidates for participation in regular concerts of the institution.

Determine the musical material

Having played at the first rehearsals of well-known compositions of popular groups, you can move on to your own creativity. It is better to work on the compositions of the whole group. The collective process of creativity is sure to unite musicians more. If your repertoire is not, you can find the author in the same social networks.

The very first entry - “baptism of fire”

Feeling that the composition is worked out to automatism, and sounds perfect, you can safely go on to record the first demo. Do not expect quick results - get ready for frequent mistakes, search for options. This is a normal workflow, at the same time - the appearance of the first recorded songs is the first step to promoting your music and public relations of the group among the listeners.

One should think about the first concert when there are about five ready-made songs (preferably recorded ones) in stock. As a concert venue, it’s better to choose a small club where only friends will come - with them you recently shared plans and consulted on how to create a musical group, and now with pride you will demonstrate the first results of your hobby, get good criticism and nourishment with new ideas for creativity.

Author - Sergey Nosenko.

Watch the video: How to Start a Band (January 2020).


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