How to come up with the name of the group that will bring success?

The name of the group for many leaves from the musical group the first impression, which remains forever. The sonorous and easy-to-remember name will allow you to immediately stand out among numerous groups and facilitate the team’s advancement to the top of Olympus. There are some tried and tested ways to come up with a “selling” name for an ensemble.

Name - symbol

40% increase the group's memorability of the word, which will cause the public to associate with the team and its personality. The symbol of the ensemble is its clear, brief description, expressing the ideology and world perception of the participants. For example, groups that promote the national Russian culture are often called: “Slavs”, “Rusichi”. How to come up with a group name - a symbol? Try to characterize the team, its participants and the main idea in one word.

Matching style

The name of the group, which is associated with its real activity, adds 20% popularity. You must admit that a poster of a male team performing a heavy metal style with a childish name "Domisolki" will look quite unexpectedly. Focusing on the style you need to find the word that characterizes the musical direction of the team. For example, a lot of things will tell about the style of the game of participants such a name as "Phonograph Jazz Band".

Memorable phrase

The easily remembered name raises the ensemble in the popularity rating by 20% compared with its competitors. Short and catchy - "Aria", an unusual and reflective worldview of musicians - "Crematorium", the most appropriate in meaning, startling, biting and radical - "Civil Defense" are those names that immediately draw attention to themselves. In order to call a musical group a memorable phrase, you can use the explanatory dictionary.

Famous names, geographical places

According to the producers, 10% of the success of the musical group is brought by the already “promoted” names of historical figures, characters of novels, movie characters, or the names of popular geographical places. So they chose the name of Rammstein, Gorky Park, Agatha Christie.


Abbreviation short and easy to pronounce by 10% will increase collective memorability. Many ensembles known today used the first letters or syllables of the initials of their participants for the name. So, ABBA and REM were born. The abbreviation "DDT" is the result of the abbreviation of the word dichlorodiphenyltrichloromethylmethane (pest control agent).

The search for the name of the group, of course, is a responsible and complicated matter, but this should not stop the musicians in their activities. Many newcomers on the stage start their performances with a temporary name. If you can’t think of the name of the musical group, you can conduct a survey among the target audience or even organize a competition for the best name.

Admin Comment: the young team will have to think not only about how to come up with the name of the group, but also about the strategy of promoting their own brand. Read how to help you here. If you don’t have a team yet or you don’t manage to organize full-fledged rehearsals, then you should be assisted with the advice of this article.

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