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English duo CamelPhat pleases fans of electronic music by working together for ten years. Dynamic melodies, unusual arrangements, numerous awards and prizes in the music charts of England, Belgium and the USA - all this once again proves that the meeting of two talented DJs Mike di Scala and Dave Whelan was not accidental. The musicians themselves believe that their duet was the result of many years of friendship, similarity of musical views and hard work, coupled with a constant creative search. After all, the acquaintance of two musicians took place back in 2003, when no one could even have imagined that a pair of jointly recorded compositions would give rise to such a serious musical project.


One of the founders of CamelPhat, Michael Pascual, known as "Mike Di Scala", was born on April 5, 1981 in Liverpool. He began to get involved in music during his school years, playing in youth groups. In the mid-90s, Michael begins to earn money as a dj at the Liverpool dance club. It was during this period that he seriously decided to devote himself to music and began to study in parallel at the Music Technology College.

After completing his studies, Mike begins recording his first compositions and opens the recording studio BSD Studios., Where soon his electronic tracks are released under the pseudonym Re-Con. In addition to music, Michael begins production with the English dance group Rezonance Q. This first production experience becomes successful for him. But he continues to seriously write tracks under various pseudonyms and at the same time he is a member of the Ultrabeat group, as a vocalist and author of some compositions. Having written the song "Pretty Green Eyes" for them, he could not have imagined that this mix would take the second place in the world hit parade of dance music in 2003.

After that, Mike is invited to work in the well-known night club "Society" as a permanent DJ. For him, this becomes a turning point in his career, as it is in this club that he meets the second member of the future CamelPhat group, Dave Whelan. Despite the fact that Dave’s career was not so successful at the beginning as that of Mike, he also dreamed of playing electronic music from his youth and was looking for an opportunity to be closer to the DJ turntable, to become a professional DJ, and he succeeded. Although Dave worked in the security service at the club, he took part as a musician in all major concerts and parties. He was constantly busy with music, tried to create his compositions in house and techno style. Acquainted, Dave and Mike found a lot in common in each other's musical tastes. Subsequently, Mike will say that he could not even imagine that they would like the same compositions, mixes, performers, experiments with sound. But it is so. And they begin to record house tracks together at various recording studios, forming the duo of Whelan & Di Scala. This duet became the prototype of their future joint project CamelPhat, although officially the group will be created only in 2008.

Initially, Mike was referring to the creation of CamelPhat, as a certain opportunity to make fundamentally new musical projects, but considered his brainchild to be secondary, coming after Whelan & Di Scala. But it turned out quite the opposite. Together with Dave in 2010, they create their own club "Mansion" in one of the most beautiful areas of Liverpool. There they began to act as the main DJs, and sometimes, as the musical duo CamelPhat at parties. They had long dreamed of having their own nightclub, where electronic music fans, friends, and colleagues would gather. And this project was a success for them. The very first club events gathered a very large number of people. Mike and Dave were happy and this time they were a success. Now this institution has acquired the status of a VIP club with a fairly multifaceted public that is united by a love for electronic mixes. Both private parties and big concerts are organized here.


At the concert on the occasion of the first birthday of their club, the musicians played their most famous hits, and some even several times. Now young people regularly gather here and not only. The musicians themselves say that they welcome new fans and talented vocalists, with whom they are ready to record new songs. As, for example, it was in the past, when musicians recorded singles from Nikki Belle, Abigail Bailey.

Interesting Facts

  • According to Mike di Scala, real music is a constant search for a new form, expression. And electronic music cannot be created at rest, full of stability. Maybe that's why they have such a rich tour, almost every month at least 10-12 flights, concerts in different countries, cities, a change of impressions. And at the same time DJs manage to prepare all the events in their club. They have really phenomenal performance and tight work schedule!
  • In addition to music, Dave Whelan is passionate about sports, constantly training. In addition, he is an avid football fan. One of his hobbies is collecting stylish sports shoes. And in everyday life the musician prefers sportswear.
  • At friendly parties, the musicians practically do not drink, except a little white wine. Well-versed in quality alcohol, they personally selected a wine list for their club, including a couple of exclusive drinks from France.
  • Both musicians also showed common eating habits. They like the pizza they order from the same restaurant for many years.
  • During the first collaborations, this duo used a funny pseudonym, without signing with the real name of their group, they released a couple of songs on behalf of "Men from Mars".
  • In the summer of 2017, the musicians decided to arrange a tour of Mansion Monday, having successfully held house parties in Liverpool, Ibiza, Marbella and Dubai. They basically do not give interviews, very rarely communicate with journalists. Consciously do not let anyone in their private life.

Best CamelPhat songs

Going through a variety of creative stages, capturing the attention of an increasingly large part of the audience who are interested in electronic music, CamelPhat every time finds ways to amaze the listener.

So, in 2014 on the radio for the first time sounded the song "The Act", which became the most popular underground melody on the dance floors. Attention to this composition has become so great because of the special authenticity and smoothness of synthetic sounds that no one has done before. Critics called this song a fundamentally new direction in the house music space.

"The Act" (listen)

In 2017, the group was waiting for a new success. Exit song "Cola" excited connoisseurs of electronic music. The unique musical rhythm was supplemented by the tenor of the English singer Elderbrook. In one of the few interviews, Mike di Scala explained that they recorded this song, absolutely not counting on so much popularity. They worked on it for more than four months. And as soon as the song was released, it immediately took off to the top of the world charts. For them, this was a big surprise. It was even more striking that this song won the first place in the American dance music chart Bilboard Dance Club Songs. And was nominated for a Grammy Award, and the duo CamelPhat won first place among musicians in England for 2017.

"Cola" (listen)

How will their career go on? It’s hard to predict, but fans around the world are eagerly awaiting new dynamic tunes from CamelPhat.

Watch the video: CamelPhat & Cristoph - Breathe ft. Jem Cooke (January 2020).


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