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Justin Timberlake

"Curly" is what the fans of Justin Timberlake, an American singer, composer, songwriter, actor and singer, are so lovingly called. In his 37 years, Justin Timberlake is a four-time winner of an Emmy Award and a nine-time winner of a Grammy Award. The cumulative circulation of his disks is several tens of millions of copies. He starred in more than twenty films, opened his own record company Tennman Records and developed the line of modern street clothes William Rast.

short biography

Justin was born on New Year's Eve - January 31, 1981 in the city of Memphis (Tennessee). The boy was only four years old when his parents broke up. Each of them soon got a new family. Justin was raised by his mother and stepfather, who besides this had two more sons.

His career as a young talent began with the performance of a country-style song on the set of the TV show "Star Search". I must say that Justin's musical tastes were very diverse. But most of all he was fond of the works of Al Green, Elton John and Michael Jackson, and even tried to copy the movements of the latter on his first performances.

The first success of the future star had to wait long. Already at the age of 14, in 1995, he became a member of the newly organized "N Sync" youth group. The team consisted of five participants, but Justin, who at that time was still a schoolboy, due to his natural charm, ambition and inexhaustible energy, very quickly turned into a real leader of the musical group. In parallel with his studies in music, the young man continued to study well not only in school, but also in courses for young actors.

The first album "N Sync", released in 1997, instantly made the top five talented guys extraordinarily popular. The disc has sold over 10 million copies. But that was only the beginning. The second album of the group has not gained such great popularity. However, the third disc, called "No Strings Attached 2000", became a real hit. It sold about 15 million records. During its five years of existence, '' N Sync "has won the MTV Video Music Awards, one of the most prestigious music awards in the USA, three times, and the charismatic Justin acquires many millions of female fans around the world.

However, soon the young man becomes "closely" within the group. In 2002, Justin leaves the team and decides to start a solo career. The near future has shown that the ambitions of the young talent were not in vain. Justin’s first solo record, “Justified”, brought him worldwide fame. For this disc, the singer was nominated for an MTV channel award. In addition, he received two awards at once Grammy.

I had to rest on my laurels for not so long. The mid-2000s was marked by a big scandal for the star. During a joint performance with singer Janet Jackson, Justin got so carried away that he tore off part of the stage vestments from his partner. Perhaps the embarrassment would have remained simply embarrassing, but the concert was broadcast live on television, and the singer’s chest was seen by millions of people around the world. Some viewers considered such behavior on stage to be offensive and sued. True, not to Timberlake, but to Janet Jackson, who eventually had to publicly apologize both for herself and for her partner in the performance. Justin himself later said that everything happened completely unintentionally. Nevertheless, the incident for quite a long time was the subject of discussion among fans of the singer and representatives of the media. Therefore, for some time Timberlake had to abandon active speeches.


The singer emerged from the shadows in 2006. His return to the stage with the new solo album "FutureSex / LoveSounds" turned into a complete triumph. Just a few songs, including "SexyBack", "My Love" and others, for a long time won the first lines of the charts in the United States. In two years, more than 8 million copies of this plate have been sold.

2008 is a landmark for Timberlake. He records a duet with Madonna herself. The song "4 Minutes" instantly turns into a superhit, and the clip, shot shortly after the recording of the song, still remains a model in the world of pop music in its choreography.

In fairness, I must say that Justin Timberlake doesn’t so often please his fans with the release of new albums. Perhaps this is due to numerous filming at the cinema. Justin played his first role in the artistic tape back in 2000, being a member of the "'N Sync" group. Since then, the star's acting portfolio has been replenished with twenty more roles.

The third Timberlake solo record entitled "The 20/20 Experience" was released in the spring of 2013. The disc recorded in the neosoul style won recognition from both the fans of the singer and the music critics. However, the next album released soon - "The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2", which became, in fact, a continuation of the previous album, did not gain much popularity. However, this did not prevent Justin Timberlake after that for two years actively and successfully touring around the world with songs from these albums. During this world tour, the musician also visited Russia, performing in Moscow and St. Petersburg (2014).

2013 is significant for the singer with four awards at once at the "MTV Video Music Awards". In addition to the highest award for the best video of the year, Timberlake wins in the nominations "Best Direction" and "Best Editing", and also receives a special award to them. M. Jackson.

In February 2018, Justin Timberlake’s regular solo CD, "Man of the Woods", was released.

Interesting Facts

  • It is known that Justin Timberlake has English roots. However, there are many unconfirmed rumors in the media that Circassian and even Indian blood was once present in the singer's lineage.
  • Justin's grandfather was a priest. However, according to the singer, in spite of his Baptist upbringing, he is a Christian rather in spirit.
  • One of his main idols Timberlake still believes Elton John, whose role he even once performed on the set of one of the clips.
  • At the age of 12, young talent took part in the Mickey Mouse Club, a popular television project for children. It is noteworthy that Justin got on the TV show at the same time with other future world stars: Christina Agilleroy and Britney Spears. That Britney after 6 years will be the first serious passion eighteen Timberlake.
  • Today, "curly" - a real icon of masculinity. His experiments with a beard and a hairstyle are imitated by many thousands of representatives of the strong half of humanity. However, at the beginning of his career, everything was different. Justin himself recalls with horror the first ceremony of the American Music Awards, held back in 1999, when they appeared on stage along with Britney Spears in identical denim suits, and pigtails were present on Timberlake's head.
  • As you know, the singer and actor is also a talented songwriter. However, not many people know that Timberlake practically does not use pen and paper, but simply remembers the words of his future works. That was how his first solo album "Justified" was recorded.
  • Despite being a world famous celebrity, Timberlake is quite unassuming about food. Favorite star dishes are porridge and spaghetti. One day, Justin left an afternoon lunch at one of the restaurants. It is not known what exactly the singer ate that day - porridge, spaghetti, or something else, but one of the waiters collected the remnants of the meal from the table, then put them up for sale through eBay, earning more than one thousand dollars from it.
  • Courageous appearance does not prevent Justin to remain a "mama's son." He admits that his mother is still for him the best friend and adviser.
  • After the news of the death of one of the young fans of his work (she was in a fatal car accident while in a drunken state) - the musician promotes the refusal of drinking and driving. He joined the organization "RADD", which consists of well-known actors, athletes and other celebrities, also opposing the use of alcohol.
  • We know about a kind of deal that Justin Timberlake made with one of the New York radio stations in 2003. For the fact that his song "Like I love you", will be broadcast thirty times a week, the musician spoke about some of the details of his turbulent novel with Britney Spears.
  • On the set of the famous video for the song "4 Minutes", Timberlake felt bad. Then medical assistance to the artist was offered by his workmate on the set - Madonna, who personally gave him an injection of vitamin B.
  • Timberlake is the face of the world famous fast food restaurant chain McDonald's. And the composition "I'm Lovin 'It", which the musician specially created for one of the advertising campaigns of the brand, can be heard today in any of the establishments of the network around the world.

Best songs

"Cry Me A River". The composition was written in 2002, but still remains one of the most discussed and popular works of Justin Timberlake. For a long time there were rumors that the musician dedicated this song to parting with his first lover - Britney Spears. For about 10 years, the rumors remained only rumors, until in 2012 they did not find confirmation from Timballake's friend and comrade-in-arms Timbaland, which dispelled all doubts of Justin's fans, saying that the song was really created in memory of the break with Britney.

"Cry Me A River" (listen)

"Suit & Tie". This song from the album "The 20/20 Experience" (2013) can hardly be called one of the most talented works of Justin. However, if we talk about the commercial success of the composition - here it is difficult for her to find worthy rivals. Only during the first four days after the release, the single was sounded on the waves of various American radio stations about six thousand times. Even Lady Gaga with her hit "Born This Way" had to admit defeat.

"Suit & Tie" (listen)

"My love". Critics and fans of Timberlake agree that this composition of 2005 most fully gives an idea of ​​the scope of the talent of a musician who knows how to create works by combining a wide variety of styles and genres. "My Love" is a successful combination of techno-rock, pop music and hip-hop. Despite such a jumble of musical styles, the composition is easily remembered and sounds very relevant even 13 years after its birth. It seems that in twenty, and in thirty years, she will have her fans.

"My Love" (listen)


In the record of Justin Timberlake as an actor - more than two dozen films. The first films with the participation of the musician - "They changed places" (2000), "The will of the case" (2001), "Edison" (2005) and others - did not have much success.

In 2007, the singer took part in the dubbing of the popular cartoon "Shrek" (the voice of King Arthur).

As a talented actor, they started talking about Justin Timberlake in the fall of 2010 after the release of the cult director David Fincher's Social Network. The picture won three awards at once "Oscar". Justin Timberlake played the role of Sean Parker, an Internet entrepreneur and one of the founders of Facebook.

Since then, the singer receives offers from directors almost every year. Timberlake's latest work was the role of lifeguard Mickey Rubin in another wheel of Woody Allen’s drama Wheel of Miracles. The premiere of the painting took place in early December 2017.

Personal life

In the personal life of the artist was a lot of victories over women's hearts. And each of Justin's new lovers was no less famous than the previous one.

After parting with her first serious passion, Britney Spears, the affair with which lasted for about three years, from 1999 to 2002, actress Jenna Dewan, singer and designer Stacy Ferguson, actress Alice Milano were the beloved musician for a short time.

In 2003, Timberlake met with Cameron Diaz. Between them began a romance. The singer was absolutely not embarrassed by the rather large difference in age: the actress was 9 years older. However, this did not prevent the development of their relationship. The lovers met for four years, but eventually broke off their relationship.

The year 2007 was marked for the musician with a new romantic encounter. His lover was a model and one of the most brilliant Hollywood actresses Jessica Beale. During the year, photographs of lovers appeared in the press more than once, but they publicly announced their relationship only a year later. Three years later, Jessica and Justin broke up, but as it turned out not for long.

In December 2011, the world overwhelmed the stunning news about the proposal of a hand and heart, which the musician unexpectedly made his former lover. The wedding of Justin and Jessica took place in 2012 in Italy, and in the spring of 2015 Timberlake had a son, Silas. In a recent interview, Jessica admitted that the birth of a baby gave them a lot of trouble. The couple was preparing for natural childbirth, but everything went wrong, as we would like. As a result, the birth took place in the clinic, where Jessica was doing a cesarean section.

Now the Timberlake couple looks absolutely happy. I want to believe that Jessica will inspire Justin for many more talented roles and great songs.

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