Bebe Rexha: biography, best songs, interesting facts

Bebe Rexha (Bibi Rex)

The owner of the enchanting vocal, spectacular appearance and immense musical talent - this is not a complete list of what can be characterized by the young singer Bebe Rexha. Despite her young age, the girl managed to earn more popularity, to perform with a large number of world celebrities, and even become a co-author of many hits. But songs and music are far from the only things that millions of fans admire. The girl has an attractive appearance, which allowed her to try herself as a model and win hundreds of men's hearts.

short biography

The real name of the singer is Blat Rex. She was born on August 30, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York, USA in a working-class family from Albania. The Albanian version of the name Blety is Regja, however, this is how it is called exclusively by relatives and close people. The singer's parents are ordinary laborers from the small Macedonian town of Debar.

Despite the fact that none of the girl’s relatives had a musical education and did not possess vocal skills, her passion for music began to manifest itself from childhood. Already at the age of 4, the girl showed interest in various musical directions and later became a participant in school musicals such as "Hello, Dolly", "Jesus Christ - Superstar" and many others. The formation of her preferences in music was greatly influenced by the work of Stevie Wander, Tori Amos, John Ledger and The Temptations, whose songs the girl had listened to hundreds of times.

Bleta's talent did not go unnoticed, and already in her teens she received a decent assessment of her efforts. Her first triumph was the victory in the nomination "Best Composer", which she was awarded by the judges of the National Academy of Arts. Competition and awards were held at the Grammy Day in New York City. His visit and, most importantly, the triumphant victory opened the door to the future of a big star in the world of big show business, and also allowed him to meet a lot of celebrities and influential music producers.

The year 2010 was a turning point in the life of Bebe Rexha. It was at this time that she became a participant in the successful Black Cards project, the founder of which was bassist of the famous Fall Out Boy band Pete Wentz. The main idea and purpose of its formation was the creation of a completely new sound and style that are completely different from the style of Fall Out Boy. The original vocalist of the Black Cards and Pete Wentz had different views on the music and preferences in the performance, in connection with which the place in the first line-up soon became vacant. The ideal candidate was precisely Blata Rex, who always welcomed musical experiments and was distinguished by her flighty temper, which were the main criteria when choosing a new vocalist.

The singer appeared in the Black Cards for two years and in 2012 announced that he was leaving the group. She explained her decision by the desire to start a solo career and denied any conflict situations with the other members of the group. The founder of the project, Pete Wentz, also confirmed the girl’s words and stressed that the separation had occurred by mutual consent and the former colleagues did not have any complaints to each other.

Bibi Rex's solo career began in 2013, after signing a contract with Warner Bros. Records. Label leaders Jeff Fenster and Alex Wilhelm turned their attention to the singer after her successful appearance as a musical composer. The girl was the author of the hit "Like a Champion", which was written for the world star Selena Gomez. She entered the popular album Stars Dance, and for a long time occupied the top places in the music charts of the world.


Further success was waiting for the singer after writing the hit "Monster Under My Bad". The original song was intended for the first album of Bebe Rexha, but thanks to the efforts of Frequency and Riggs Morales, the creation of the girl was sent to the producer Eminem. The final version of the song was different from the original version, and its name was reduced to "The Monster". The performer of the hit became Eminem and Rihanna, who were able to lead the Billboard Hot 100 and were at the top of the chat for several weeks.

The first solo single, Bebe Rexha, was born in March 2014, and in December of this year, the second hit was released. In April 2015, Bleta announced that a mini-album consisting of 5 tracks will be released soon. The first album of the singer saw the light in May 2015 at Warner Bros. Records, and in January 2017, the start of the world singer’s first world tour was announced.

Interesting Facts

  • Despite permanent residence and work in the United States, Bi Bi does not forget about its roots and has two citizenships: American and Albanian.
  • The young talent wrote the first song already at the age of 8, however, it remained in the family archive.
  • Bleta has mastered playing the trumpet, and also has excellent piano skills;
  • The girl has repeatedly noted in interviews with various publications that she is an amorous kind with insane character.
  • The singer attended opera singing lessons, examined the works of Puccini and Italian arias to improve vocal abilities and the ability to play high notes.
  • The girl's father is an immigrant from Albania, who went to the United States to translate the American Dream into reality.
  • Beta's motto for life: "Everything will be fine! If you feel bad now, just take a deep breath, because very soon everything will be fine again."

Best songs

During her short career so far, Bibi Rex managed to write and release a lot of tracks that became hits. Her best works are:

"I Gonna Show You Crazy" - was written in one of the difficult periods in the life of the singer. It was based on the idea that being crazy is normal, and everyone has the right to choose their own way of life. According to the performer herself, she considers this track to be a hymn to outsiders and lonely people.

"I Gonna Show You Crazy" (listen)

"I Got You" - released on October 28, 2016, and the video for it has collected more than 200 million views. The song reveals the feelings of the girl and is one of her favorite tracks.

"I Got You" (listen)

"Cry Wolf" - discovered new vocal skills of the performer, in connection with which there were suspicions of using artificial voice processing. However, these rumors were false.

"Cry Wolf" (listen)

"Meant To Be" - recorded with the group of Florida Georgia Line in 2017. Took 1st place in Hot Country Songs and high positions in many world charts.

"Meant To Be" (listen)

Personal life

Despite the fact that Bleta Rex is a media personality, little is known about her personal life. According to the performer, she is not married and has no children. Since she is a rather passionate girl, her novels do not last long and the matter does not end with the creation of a family.

Bebe Rexha is certainly a talented singer, composer and author of many world hits. Her sincerity and unpredictability conquers millions of hearts and every year crowds of fans from all over the world expect new songs from her.

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